About Nexgen

Steven Callaghan set up Nexgen in May 2011 after graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a First Class (hons) degree in IT and Business Management. Steve has since grown Nexgen, working with clients across Liverpool, Oxford and the rest of the UK. Nexgen is based out of Steve’s home office in Maghull, Liverpool. Since May 2011, Nexgen has grown considerably serving over 100 clients across the UK. Steve now employs gifted undergraduates and graduates from Liverpool and Oxford Brookes University. Nexgen prides itself on providing a honest, free, friendly advice and an exceptional, exceeding service at competitive prices.

Combining Keyword Research and Content Strategy

By |February 11th, 2016|Digital Marketing|

Researching and using relevant keywords is an important part of your SEO strategy. However, combining these keywords with compelling, user-friendly content is critical. In February 2011, Google release an algorithm update called Panda aimed at preventing 'thin-content' websites and advert-heavy websites ranking high in search results. Thin-content websites are websites that use keywords very lightly on a [...]

How to use Colour Psychology in Web Design

By |December 4th, 2015|Creative Design|

Colour Psychology is the science of how different colours make us behave. It is used to design every day advertisement materials on product packaging, TV adverts and in newspapers. Colour Psychology can be used and considered when designing the colour scheme for your website. The illustration below outlines what each colour "says" to users.

Top 5 SEO Improvements

By |October 2nd, 2015|Digital Marketing|

Here are our top 5 tips to improve your website's SEO: Add Alt tags to your images An Alt tag is a a set of code within an image that is used to describe the image for screen reader users. It also counts as a key tag to write your keywords. You can add an alt [...]

Choosing the right Domain Name

By |August 10th, 2015|Web Design|

Choosing the right domain name can be very tricky. Here are our 5 top tips for selecting the right one for you and your business: Replicate Your Business Name Use your business name if available and appropriate. If your business name is taken, add something to it that identifies you. e.g. if you run a [...]

A Geographic focus on Keywords

By |June 6th, 2015|Digital Marketing|

Many users find this website by googling "Liverpool Web Designer". I bet that in the past month you have search for a location based service, restaurant or shop! 92% of internet users used the internet to find a local business in 2015 I'ts important that 'local' service providers, restaurants, shops and other businesses ensure that there [...]

Why Businesses Must Maintain their Logo

By |April 2nd, 2015|Creative Design|

Your logo is the face of your business. A good logo helps customers quickly identify you. While it's not usually advisable to change your logo, it is important to maintain it. The following factors may influence when you should think about maintaining your logo: Age There is no set duration that you should update your [...]

Three Key Considerations for Responsive Web Design

By |February 27th, 2015|Web Design|

What is Responsive Web Design Are you reading this article on a laptop, a PC, an iPad, a Samsung mobile or something else? There are countless types of devices that are used to access the internet and display websites. Responsive Web Design is the technical design and coding to ensure that a single website is accessible, [...]